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Are you an installer or solar energy service provider?

Umlilo Energy provides installers with expert services to enable them to grow their business and increase their conversion rates. Umlilo provides installers with solar and battery financing for all of their projects, removing the headaches often associated with converting potential leads into sales. 

In simple terms, if you have customers that are interested in your solar services but would like to access financing for this, we are here to help! Our platform allows you as an installer to access affordable financing for your customers. You will be paid on day one and your customer will have the flexibility to pay for their system over months and years while enjoying the benefits of your solar system! 

Benefits of joining Umlilo's platform as an installer

1. Increases sales and business growth by up to 40%

2. Expand your market by offering best in class financing options 

3. Low fixed term rates for up to 25 years 

4. Access to business loans for growing sales, operations and marketing for your business 

5. Internal portal for accessing new projects and customers

6. Enjoy innovative technology that delivers approval in seconds 

7. Utilise dedicated support from the initial loan process to the deployment of funds 

8. Increase your business cashflow by receiving timely payments upon customer approval 

9. Offer a differentiated loan product that will separate you from your competitors

10. Become more appealing to consumers and drive up your business evaluation 

The problems we are solving for installers

1. Lost sales when customers are unable to pay upfront for a solar system 

2. Simplifying the credit application process

3. Inconsistent projects due to the fragmented market 

4. Access to quality leads 

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