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Pro 400 Solar Lantern

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The Pro 400 is an affordable and ultra bright solar lantern that provides light for up to 100 hours with its durable, long-lasting battery. Its an effective solution for your lighting and charging needs, whether you’re studying, cooking, or working at night.

– Up to 100 hours of light on a single charge
– 40X brighter than a kerosene lamp
– 5.5W Solar Panel
– USB for mobile charging



LED – Power LED with 400 Lumens
Solar Panel – 5.5 Watt, polycrystalline solar panel with aluminum frame and a 5 meter cable
Battery – 5100 mAh NMC Battery
Battery Indicator – While in use, digital LED meter displays remaining battery power
Charging Indicator – Displays the charging status of the lantern
USB Mobile Charging – Equipped with a universal 5-volt USB phone charging port to enable connectivity on the go. Also, comes with several phone adapters, so users can charge nearly any type of mobile phone
Power Control – Battery management technology auto-switches to low-power mode when the battery is running dry, yielding 5 hours of additional light
Light Modes – 3 different light modes for various needs
Enclosure – Rugged ABS and polycarbonate plastic. Keep away from water. In case of rain exposure, please dry the unit under sunlight


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